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Avenues for Hope

Fund Raising Campaign to Prevent Homelessness Eclipsed $1 Million Goal

The 9th Annual Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge came out of the gate quickly raising more than $160,000 in less than 48 hours and continued the pace raising a record $1,321,394 for 73 Idaho nonprofits! This annual campaign runs the last few weeks of Dec. every year and helps support nonprofits and school districts that manage the day-to-day work of helping Idahoans secure safe, stable, and affordable housing. The campaign, organized by the Home Partnership Foundation and Idaho Housing and Finance Association, has now raised nearly $4.4 million since its inception in 2011.

Raised since 2011
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“The campaign grows every year and for the first time in its history reached and then exceeded $1 million raised,” said Deanna Ward the director of development of the Foundation. “I think that speaks volumes for the growing awareness of local housing needs, and the generosity of community donors and sponsors.” Through sponsorships, the campaign is able to award grant prizes and matching funds helping the nonprofits grow their donations exponentially. This year’s $1.3 million came from 3,328 generous donors, 40 charitable sponsors, and the tireless efforts of the 73 nonprofits participating in the campaign.

“Avenues for Hope is a crucial piece of our efforts and helps us support our most vulnerable students, keeping their families in a home which allows the kids to continue coming to school,” said Jennifer Henderson the executive director for the Boise Public Schools Foundation. “Aside from the much needed funds that are raised, the campaign also brings awareness to the struggles of so many students throughout the community, which makes a huge difference in our program.”

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