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Community Engagement

We are committed to helping Idaho communities and encourage employees to do the same. In addition to our corporate sponsorships, we coordinate community events on a regular basis. Our staff continually steps up to support Idahoans in need through these community service activities. This past year we supported the Idaho Food Bank, NeighborWork® Boise annual Rake Up, the Marines Toys for Tots, and several other activities. 

A very special project this year was assisting a local grandmother raising her five-year old grandson who was rehoused from homelessness.  After a year of being homeless, they were extremely grateful for housing, but had virtually nothing.

Our staff teamed up with Treger Strasberg, the founder of Humble Design to transform this house into a home.  We held a donation drive and in less than a week collected everything from bedding, to kitchen utensils, wall artwork, patio furniture and a Christmas tree with presents for both grandma and grandson.  Essentially, everything this family needed to feel at home.  A volunteer group took a Friday and moved everything in, hung curtains, decorated, and completely furnished their home for an amazing surprise when they returned home just six hours later. 

Volunteer and project coordinator, Leslie said it was the most exhilarating and exciting project she had ever been involved with.  “I will never forget that day and the joy we brought to the family,” said Leslie. 

Corporate Contribution

IHFA has contributed $2.3 million to organizations statewide in the past three years. Organizations supported by IHFA’s corporate contributions and staff volunteer efforts.

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Board of Commissioners

Idaho Housing and Finance is governed by a board of commissioners. The Idaho Governor appoints members to four-year terms and designates the chairman of the board. The board members elect a vice chairman and secretary/treasurer.

Our board provides overall policy direction in governing business activities as well as setting long-term goals for meeting Idaho’s future housing needs.

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