Idaho Workforce Housing Fund

Affordable housing is an issue Idaho Housing and Finance is always working to address. Thanks to legislation passed in 2022, IHFA has a new tool for spurring affordable development in Idaho’s extremely tight housing markets.

The Idaho Workforce Housing Fund provides $50 million to fill the financial gap that many developers face when building housing that’s affordable for middle- or low-income workers. The funds are targeted at creating housing for people making up to 80% of the area median income where the project is located.

In late 2022, the first round of Workforce Housing Fund allocations were finalized, providing more than $26 million in funding for nine different projects around the state. Together, these projects will create more than a thousand new affordable housing units. A second round of allocations, revealed in May 2023, will help fund another six developments.

Collateral Support Program

Idaho Housing and Finance plays an important role in supporting small businesses throughout the state with our Collateral Support Program. It helps businesses qualify for financing by using cash deposits to enhance their collateral and qualify for loans that would otherwise be non-bankable. See how the program is helping a popular restaurant in Buhl thrive.